Album Release

Setalight Records

Album release : June the 28th on Setalight Records

Radio Scorpio

We'll be broadcasted this afternoon in Belgium on
Volksradio 106 FM
during the show of our friend Soom at 4 PM !

Listen to it, cause bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Aqua Nebula Oscillator are also programmed ! Review

Review of our upcoming album in Italian.

" Un tuffo nel passato, un mix con nuove idee per dare alla luce un album trascendentale, introspettivo e estremamente riflessivo. "

MeloDuende Pledge Custom

After four months of painful waiting, the Pledge custom finally reaches Dot Legacy team.

Thanks to Meloboys from Meloduende for their work, their ideas and their kindness.

To see the artist page dedicated to the Pledge Custom and Dot Legacy, visit Meloduende Web Site :

SetALight Records

We are stunned to announce the release of our first album "Dot Legacy" in June with the german super cool label Setalight Records.

First review of our upcoming album in Dutch.

" Elk van deze songs presenteert weelderige stonerpartijen die op heel wat momenten ritmisch afwijken van de mainstream. "

Phoenix FM

"Kennedy" will be broadcasted on 96.7 Phoenix FM in UK tonight during the Blues in the Nite show presented by Tony FItton, at 10pm (uk time) !

Italian Radio

TONIGHT, the Italian Radio "Radio Città Benevento" is going to broadcast for the first time a brand new song of our album

So if you don't wanna miss it, follow Donato Zoppo's voice at 9:30pm here :

New Drummer

We are excited to present you our new drummer !
Welcome Romain

And thanks to Charlie Charls for the great promotional pictures
( )

Knock Me Art

We are present in the fourth artistic package of the project Knock Me Art.
Check it out.

Last FM

"Catch our 2 new songs on too :

New Song

This is the third track of our debut album, to be released in 2014 !

Dot Legacy - Days of the Weak

Days of the Weak

Next tuesday, we'll release an other song of the album.

promotionnal CDs

We've just printed some promotionnal CDs,
so if you receive one, crank up the volume to eleven.


The videoclip's just reached 1k views in 4 days, thanks for that !
But this only the beginning.
We are printing promo CDs and the master is on his way to the factory.

D Day

KENNEDY, the first track of the upcoming debut album, directed by Guillaume L'Hôte.

Dot Legacy - Kennedy

VideoCLip Released

We'll release the videoclip tomorrow around 7pm, so buy some popcorn and keep calm.


Allright Ladies and Gents, this is a historic day. The entire mix and mastering of our album is done !
It's been the biggest effort put into the band from all of us so we hope that you'll be seing rainbows when you listen to it.
And guess what ? The videoclip of our first track ' Kennedy ' will be released this thursday, in 2 days, so prepare yourselves !

Self-Titled Album Jacket

Well. Here it is.
The forthcoming Album Jacket !
It's gonna be a self-titled album.
More news really soon.