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The Obelisk Review

The Obelisk

The Obelisk talks about our album,
what an honor :\dot-legacy

"A fascinating and original-ish debut that could be the start of something special."

Vinyl Release

The Album is now available on Vinyl !
You can order it here with brand new stickers :

Bandcamp, Setalight Shop, etc ...

Setalight Records

Live Report / Blues Pills + Dot Legacy

French live report from our gig in Paris with Blues Pills (Le Point éphémère), by Metal Impact :

" Le groupe électrise le public avec son Stoner aux accents vintage
à base de son Heavy, pédale wah wah, distorsion vocale et orgue électrique. "

End of 2014 Tour

This "oulala" picture of Whalerider and Dot Legacy concludes our 2014 Tour.
A huge thanks to everyone that participated in this epic step forward for us.


Gig with Blues Pills - Paris / Le Point Ephemere

Very excited and glad to announce that we'll be supporting our friends from Blues Pills in Paris at Le Point Éphémère !
The show is already sold out, so check them out if you don't know them yet :

Pyramid - Le Férailleur

Here's an extract of us blasting Nantes last night.

Dot Legacy - Pyramid // Le Férailleur - Nantes // 09/13/2014

Dot LEgacy reviewed all around Europe

Dot Legacy debut album is tripping in Europe :

Belgium, RifRaf Magazine :

"Si vous pensez qu'il n'existe pas de groupe français capable de faire du rock dur de qualité et hyper original, écoutez donc Dot Legacy."

To read the entire article click here !!!

France, Ride With The Devil :

"Dot Legacy will be one of those bands where even the B-sides are worth checking out."

Germany, StonerRock :

"There are bands who know how to open new doors and do not have to recycle space monotonously, but fill it with emotion, melody and experiments. The French belong to them for sure."

France, Le Cercle Noir :

"[...], ces morceaux illustrent déjà la maîtrise et la classe insolentes de Dot Legacy qui affiche une étonnante maturité et auquel il est aisé de prédire un avenir radieux."

Stoner HiVe Support

A new four stars review from Netherlands.
Thanks for the support Stoner HiVe !

" True crossover stoner that sounds damn unique and seems to have it all.
We are approaching legendary stuff here."

Terrorverlag review

The album has been rated 10/10
by Terrorverlag in Germany !

"Der wahnsinnige Höllenritt durch sämtliche Rockclubs einer
imaginären Großstadt geht weiter bis zum Schluss des Albums."

Symptomatic Agency

From now on, Symptomatic Agency will manage our booking in Belgium !
We hope we'll hit the road lots of time over there !

It's raining Reviews

New review from The Sludge Lord.

"Dot Legacy will reinforce your belief in heavy music again!"

New review from Musik Reviews.

""DOT LEGACY bieten auf ihrem Debüt so etwas wie kontrolliertes Chaos""

New review from Music Waves.

"Fort de ce galop d'essai à la hauteur de l'attente, les Parisiens entrent d'emblée dans la cour des grands, entre Stoner enfumé et rock psyché couillu."

New review from RockTimes.

"Die Vehemenz der beiden Gitarren, von John Defontaine und Arnaud Merckling bearbeitet,
finden in zum Teil tief in den Sechziger- beziehungsweise Siebzigerjahren
steckenden Keyboardklängen ihr ausgleichendes Echo."

New review from Amboss-Mag.

"Ich find′s klasse und ihr solltet dem Album mal ein Ohr leihen !"

Ave Noctum review

Ave Noctum reviewed our album !

"They are clearly a great bunch of musicians with excellent songwriting skills and a huge amount of artistic vision."

Belgian Review

Nice review from Belgium !
We will be in Belgium, September the 20th, on the occasion of Massif Festival.

Un disque atypique à tester d’urgence si vous aimez le Stoner et que vous avez envie d’écouter autre chose qu’un ersatz de Kyuss.

Planet Mosh Review

“…inherits an avant-garde musical orbit lying somewhere between

Russian Circles, Sleep, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa and Kyuss.”

Crimson Moon Zine Review

An incredible review from the USA, maybe the best one ... 10/10.

You can even see the design of the album.

"This album is pure genius."

Italian Review

New review from Italy !

"Come se Russian Circles e Beastie Boys
si fossero recati a Parigi per delle jam selvagge."

Gig With Stoned Jesus

Great pictures from our gig
with Stoned Jesus at Le Klub (Paris).
Thanks Marie Duhau :

Stickers design

We've just received our first stickers,
check the artwork out !
Hot thanks to Carlín Díaz who did this marvelous design :

concreteweb Review

Giant review ! 98/100 :
"Then, the near 9-minutes "The Midnight Weirdos”
sounds like something which might've been written
in the high times of the heavier Psychedelic Rock scene of the sixties "

Metal Militia Radio

An other radio broadcast tonight in Brazil !
Metal Militia radio will play some Dot Legacy around 7pm GMT

Tee Shirt Artwork

A huge THANKS to Guillaume Fouin who did
this marvelous artwork !
T-shirts available very soon online for Men & Girls
in Red, White and Yellow

Check Guillaume's page out, he's got some great stuff you'll wanna see !

Radio Scorpio

We'll be broadcasted this afternoon in Belgium on
Volksradio 106 FM
during the show of our friend Soom at 4 PM !

Listen to it, cause bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Aqua Nebula Oscillator are also programmed ! Review

Review of our upcoming album in Italian.

" Un tuffo nel passato, un mix con nuove idee per dare alla luce un album trascendentale, introspettivo e estremamente riflessivo. "

MeloDuende Pledge Custom

After four months of painful waiting, the Pledge custom finally reaches Dot Legacy team.

Thanks to Meloboys from Meloduende for their work, their ideas and their kindness.

To see the artist page dedicated to the Pledge Custom and Dot Legacy, visit Meloduende Web Site :

SetALight Records

We are stunned to announce the release of our first album "Dot Legacy" in June with the german super cool label Setalight Records.

First review of our upcoming album in Dutch.

" Elk van deze songs presenteert weelderige stonerpartijen die op heel wat momenten ritmisch afwijken van de mainstream. "

Phoenix FM

"Kennedy" will be broadcasted on 96.7 Phoenix FM in UK tonight during the Blues in the Nite show presented by Tony FItton, at 10pm (uk time) !

Italian Radio

TONIGHT, the Italian Radio "Radio Città Benevento" is going to broadcast for the first time a brand new song of our album

So if you don't wanna miss it, follow Donato Zoppo's voice at 9:30pm here :

New Drummer

We are excited to present you our new drummer !
Welcome Romain

And thanks to Charlie Charls for the great promotional pictures
( )

Knock Me Art

We are present in the fourth artistic package of the project Knock Me Art.
Check it out.

Last FM

"Catch our 2 new songs on too :

New Song

This is the third track of our debut album, to be released in 2014 !

Dot Legacy - Days of the Weak

Days of the Weak

Next tuesday, we'll release an other song of the album.

promotionnal CDs

We've just printed some promotionnal CDs,
so if you receive one, crank up the volume to eleven.


The videoclip's just reached 1k views in 4 days, thanks for that !
But this only the beginning.
We are printing promo CDs and the master is on his way to the factory.

D Day

KENNEDY, the first track of the upcoming debut album, directed by Guillaume L'Hôte.

Dot Legacy - Kennedy

VideoCLip Released

We'll release the videoclip tomorrow around 7pm, so buy some popcorn and keep calm.


Allright Ladies and Gents, this is a historic day. The entire mix and mastering of our album is done !
It's been the biggest effort put into the band from all of us so we hope that you'll be seing rainbows when you listen to it.
And guess what ? The videoclip of our first track ' Kennedy ' will be released this thursday, in 2 days, so prepare yourselves !

Self-Titled Album Jacket

Well. Here it is.
The forthcoming Album Jacket !
It's gonna be a self-titled album.
More news really soon.